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About Search Engine Spider Simulator

Search Engine Spider Simulator is one of the most advanced search engine optimization tools available on Seokhazana. What this tool does is that it offers a whole statistic on how your website appears to search engine spiders. Amazing?

Have you ever been puzzled by how search engine spiders see your website? These spiders don't have any eyes like we humans have, and so your website is exhibited to them in a completely extraordinary manner.

To use this tool, simply enter the complete website URL and let our device show you the precise image of how search engine spiders and crawlers see your internet site. You are probably surprised to find that photographs and flash content are invisible to them.

Search Engine Spider Simulator is an extraordinary and completely useful device for website proprietors. With the assistance of this wonderful tool, you can quickly see how search engine spiders see your internet site. Looking from this angle lets you discover flaws or mistakes in your website's layout that may make the website look expert to the spider.

Unlike others, our expert body of workers at SEOKhazana has created this top-rate SEO device so that web page owners who are low on finances can use this top-class tool without charge and problems viewing their websites from the perspective of search engine spiders!