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Website Page Size Checker is one of the many search engine marketing equipment that SEO Khazana Small SEO Tools has advanced over these years. This high-quality tool, as the call indicates, is a web page length checker that may be used to realize the page size of any particular URL. It is a magic tool that customers can use to test website size online. If your website takes longer than ordinary to load, then perhaps you need to paint on the scale of your internet site because it can bring about a high bounce fee as the internet customers don't generally tend to have the staying power to look ahead to the web page to open. A common small net page length is anticipated to be 12 KB and is a way to load very quickly. The extra media on a page, the larger the web page length and the slower it'll load. Embedded motion pictures, snapshots, audio, photographs, flash, and other sorts of media will grow your page size. First matters: It's critical for the health and performance of your internet site that you realize the dimensions of your internet site; however, how do you recognize the total size of an internet site? That's when the website page size checker or page size inspector comes into play.