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About Google Index Checker

Google Index Checker, created by means of, is a completely beneficial tool for website owners. What this tool does is that it tells you what number of pages are listed via Google. Just enter the complete website online URL in the field and let our tool count all your website's posts listed in Google.

The Google Index Checker Tool can offer complete Google Index stats of any website in a count number of seconds. Making your website indexed with the aid of search engines like Google is surely important. Otherwise, you aren't going to get any natural traffic. Suppose you have observed that out of the vast quantity of pages, the most effective small component is indexed by using Google. In that case, you then right here we are providing some useful tips on the way to assist you in getting listed rapidly.

How do you index your website quickly?

  • Create a sitemap for your website. It is an XML file for your website's server that lists every page for your web page. If you don't know about sitemap, you could use loose XML Sitemap generator. After you have created the sitemap, consider publishing it to Google Webmaster Tools.
  • Share your website hyperlinks for your social media profiles, social pages, and Pinterest boards.
  • Produce fresh and satisfactory content for your customers, and don't forget to create offsite content material like visitor postings, press releases, and submissions to blog directories.
  • If your website is new, then it can take 2-3 days or even a week for Google to index your website's online posts. But although it does not index your site's pages, you may use 'Crawl as Google' in Google Webmaster Tools to index your website within some minutes.