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About Code to Text Ratio Checker

Code To Text Ratio Checker is an exquisite tool developed by This device represents the proportion of real textual content on an internet web page as compared to the proportion of HTML code. Most SERPs use this to calculate the relevancy of an internet web page. If you discover a higher code-to-textual content ratio, then there are extra chances of scoring properly search positions.

To use the Code to Text Ratio Checker, just enter the URL of the site and permit our tool to display the complete results in a 2nd simplest. The results provided by using our tool indicate the actual code-to-textual content ratio, content material text length, and the whole HTML length.

Many search engines like Google use the code-to-text ratio, but then again, some engines like Google do not pay attention to it. Nonetheless, make it a priority to have a better code-to-textual content ratio for your web page. You can, without difficulty, gain a big benefit over your competitors.